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Unlock the power of visual storytelling and engage viewers with immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression. Our video ad solutions with creative features bring your brand to life in ways that ignite curiosity and drive action. Get ready to unleash your creativity and make a memorable impact with our innovative video ad solutions.


HubSpot Video

Some of our Creative Features

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HubSpot Video

Interaction at its best

Drag & Drop

Drag and drop functionality revolutionizes the way we interact with digital content. With a simple click and hold, you can effortlessly move and rearrange elements, creating a seamless and intuitive user experience.

It's like a game

Wipeable & Click-Option

Introducing the innovative "wipeable" function that adds a touch of magic to your digital experience. The "wipeable" function brings a new dimension of interactivity, allowing you to playfully interact with your ad. Also make the user click through some offers or any items you like.

HubSpot Video

HubSpot Video

More excitement


Get ready to make every moment count with our dynamic countdown function. Whether it's a special event, an attractive discount, or simply counting down to something exciting, this feature keeps you on track and builds anticipation.

And many features more

We offer you a variety of creative features to combine with your ad and make your ad more engaging and exciting

Your Benefits

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  • Increased Effectiveness
  • Enhanced Engagement
  • Boosted Brand Awareness
  • Strengthened Emotional Connection
  • Competitive Advantage 

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Why plista


Inhouse Ad Creation

We offer individual, creative solutions and support you in ad creation.


Omnichannel Solution

We help you advertise successfully across all channels. Omnichannel campaigns save you time, reduce complexity, and improve your results.


World-leading AI

Our exclusive AI technology and custom algorithms enhance the effectiveness of your video campaign.


Programmatic And Creative Experts

With our programmatic expertise, we are always there to help you with your campaign strategy as well as with the delivery and creation of your campaign.

Listen to what other say

Thanks to the collaboration.

Thanks to the collaboration with plista, we were able to control our campaign on the digital video channel in an attention-grabbing and efficient way. The range of premium publishers available in the inventory and the reach convinced us and we can excellently reach our target groups via the plista portfolio. We are currently using the engagement video in our campaigns - an innovative advertising format where plista has done a great job of visually implementing our video and advertising messages within the advertising medium. Kerstin Wessel, Media Manager Hurtigruten

A great success.

Our Video campaign was a great success. For us as an agency, the proof of concept is very important, as we were able to prove that moving image can also generate efficient and qualitative website traffic. This is a milestone in the field of online video. The collaboration with plista proves to be efficient, professional and committed in every campaign. Jana Kordt, Director Digital Performance, Mediaplan

Innovative products.

We have been working with plista for about half a year now. Our goal is to increase our brand awareness and to draw attention to our innovative technology and products. Through plista, we reach target groups that we previously had difficulty reaching. Since we have been running plista Native Ads, both the number of visitors to our informational website and the demand for our innovative products in the B2B sector have increased. plista offers a modern portfolio of advertising solutions, which we enjoy using and which we can implement due to plista’s great consultative measure. Christian Hoffmann, Leiter SEM, SEO & Affiliate Marketing

Profitable level.

Since the start of our cooperation with plista in July 2019, we were able to scale our campaigns every month. Until today, we have quintupled our budget while keeping our campaigns constantly on a profitable level. plista has a number of premium publishers within their portfolio which help us to promote our games to relevant audiences and to ensure positive ROIs. Wiebke Scharnhop, Senior Marketing Manager at InnoGames


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