Startup Initiative

Conditions of participation

  1. The Startup Initiative is effective until 31.07.2021. It applies exclusively to advertising campaigns that are booked via the plista Self Service Platform ( and have a delivered and settled booking volume of at least 1000,00 EUR.
  2. Eligible for participation are newly founded, not yet established companies with innovative business ideas (startups). Interested parties can apply for participation by completing and submitting the contact form on After plista has confirmed the participation via e-mail, the participating startup may register / sign in as a client on the plista self-service platform and book campaigns there.
  3. The Startup Initiative is granted to each client only once, therefore it only applies to one campaign chosen by the client (the so-called Discount Campaign).
    A combination with other discounts is not possible.
  4. The Startup Initiative ends for the client
    a. with the final termination of the Discount Campaign by the client;
    b. if the booking volume delivered and settled with the Discount Campaign exceeds 75.000,00 EUR; or
    c. at the latest on 31 July 2021.
  5. For the duration of the Startup Initiative, the following discount scale shall apply to Discount Campaigns:

    Booking volume delivered and settled with the Discount Campaign per calendar month Startup discount
    from 1.000,00 EUR until 1.999,99 EUR 15 %
    from 2.000,00 EUR until 4.999,99 EUR 30 %
    from 5.000,00 EUR until 75.000,00 EUR 45 %

    In the case of Discount Campaigns running over several months, the applicable amount of the startup discount is calculated on a monthly basis using the booking volume delivered and settled in the respective calendar month. It is not possible to transfer the booking volume delivered in one calendar month to another calendar month for the purpose of calculating the startup discount.

  6. Full delivery of Discount Campaigns is not guaranteed. plista assumes no responsibility for undelivered budgets. Also minor over-deliveries of the respective budgets are technically unavoidable, so that the invoiced amount may exceed the budget by up to 1%. The billing basis for the Discount Campaigns are exclusively the volumes documented by plista via its AdServer or, in the case of programmatic sales, the volumes documented by the respective AdExchange/SSP involved.